Month: September 2023

Episode 64 – Quarterly Quick Takes: Market Updates and Year-End Considerations with Brad Long

Episode 64 – Quarterly Quick Takes: Market Updates and Year-End Considerations with Brad Long

How have markets impacted your endowment or foundation… and what strategies should you be considering right now? It’s time to review this year from a stewardship perspective and consider what strategies to employ heading into 2024.

In this Quarterly Quick Takes, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis are back with Brad Long, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer at Fiducient Advisors. They share meaningful insights on navigating the uncertainty of markets and the economy going forward.

You’ll discover:

  • The potential impact of market fluctuations and a looming recession 
  • The importance of fortifying controllable factors, such as expenses and committee best practices
  • How Fiducient’s 2023 forecasts played out thus far – and what to expect going forward
  • Is now as important as ever for your portfolio to be thoughtfully diversified? 
  • Domestic vs. International, Cash vs. Bonds, etc.
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Brad joined Fiducient Advisors in 2012. He is chair of the firm’s Investment Committee and a member of the firm’s Discretionary Committee, Research Forum, Capital Markets Team, and Mission-Aligned Investing Committee. Before joining the firm, Brad worked in various research capacities at Citigroup and Wells Fargo in New York. He received a BA in Finance and a Minor in Economics from The University of Colorado and is a CFA® charter holder and member of the CFA Society of Chicago and CFA Institute. Additionally, he is active with Greenhouse Scholars, a nonprofit providing financial and personal support to under-resourced college students. In his free time, Brad loves cooking and spending time with his wife and young sons in his free time.