Month: December 2023

Episode 67 – Improving Performance and Profitability for Healthcare Organizations with Kate Guelich

Episode 67 – Improving Performance and Profitability for Healthcare Organizations with Kate Guelich

Many hospitals and healthcare organizations continue to face financial instability and margin pressures that have been exacerbated by the lingering effects of the pandemic. 

Join Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis as they meet with Kate Guelich, CEO of Kaufman Hall, a renowned management consulting firm specializing in healthcare. They explore strategies to tackle the multifaceted challenges by enhancing performance, efficiency, and cost structures.

You’ll discover:

  • The need for hospital systems to understand cost structure, manage operations, and adapt to consumer preferences
  • The dispersion between large, urban systems and smaller, more rural systems
  • Key trends from Kaufman Hall’s 2023 research reports
  • Kate’s suggestions to healthcare leaders (and other nonprofits) to thrive going forward
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Kate Guelich is a Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer with Kaufman Hall. She is responsible for guiding Kaufman Hall on its strategic growth trajectory, with a keen focus on delivering industry-leading services and solutions to ensure the continued success of the company’s clients and delivering a high level of customer service. Before being named CEO, Kate served as Managing Director and President of Management Consulting for Kaufman Hall. She is also a member of Kaufman Hall’s Board of Directors. Kate, who has expertly advised senior healthcare leaders for more than 20 years on a wide range of topics, previously served as managing director of Kaufman Hall’s Strategic Financial Planning practice. Throughout her tenure with Kaufman Hall, Kate has also played a leading role in the firm’s Women in Healthcare Leadership efforts.

Kate has authored numerous publications on key healthcare topics and regularly speaks to leading national healthcare industry groups. Before joining Kaufman Hall, Kate was a Senior Consultant with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s Healthcare Strategy and Transformation group. Kate holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.