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Episode 47 – Second Quarterly Quick Take of 2022: Key Market Updates with Brad Long

Episode 47 – Second Quarterly Quick Take of 2022: Key Market Updates with Brad Long

With high inflation, slowing growth, volatile capital markets, and political unrest in Eastern Europe, it’s time for our second Quarterly Quick Take of 2022.

In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Brad Long, CFA®, partner and deputy chief investment officer at Fiducient Advisors. They discuss the current and future outlook for capital markets, the U.S. economy, and international trends.

You will learn:

  • Portfolio positioning under current inflationary pressures
  • Market and economic ripples caused by the actions of the Federal Reserve
  • Why consumer sentiment is low despite high employment rates
  • What investors should be thinking about in the current environment (but aren’t)
  • And more!

Tune in for timely market updates as we enter the second half of 2022!

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About Our Guest:

Brad Long joined Fiducient Advisors in 2012. He is chair of the firm’s Investment Committee and a member of the firm’s Discretionary Committee, Research Forum, Capital Markets Team and Mission-Aligned Investing Committee. Prior to joining the firm, Brad worked in various research capacities at Citigroup and Wells Fargo in New York. He received a BA in Finance and Minor in Economics from The University of Colorado and is a CFA® charterholder and member of the CFA Society of Chicago and CFA Institute. Additionally, he is active with Greenhouse Scholars, a nonprofit providing financial and personal support to under-resourced college students. In his free time, Brad loves cooking and spending time with his wife and young sons.