Episode 7 – ESG Investing for Stewards: Part 1 — With Shreya Canakapalli

In this episode, we kick off a new mini-series on a topic that is near and dear to many endowment and foundation stewards, ESG investing! 

Join Bob DiMeo, Devon Francis, and DiMeo Schneider’s Shreya Canakapalli as they launch the series with a discussion on Environmental, Social and Governance investing including strategies on how your charitable organization can use ESG to  help advance your mission. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The evolution of ESG and SRI investing
  • Trends and issues investment committees should consider
  • How to implement ESG investing within an endowment portfolio
  • The challenges of implementing an ESG strategy
  • And more!

Join us now to learn about the basics of ESG investing and how it could serve you and your foundation! 

Resources: DiMeo Schneider & Associates L.L.C. | Bob DiMeo | Devon Francis | Connect with Shreya on LinkedIn | Episode 5: How the 2020 Elections Could Impact Nonprofit Investors — with Frank Kelly| FREE GUIDE: 6 Tips to Managing Nonprofit Investments